Data Driven Demand Management.
Future-driven decisions.

We enable companies to move from retrospective to potential-oriented business decisions.

The Game Changer

With the Modelyzr, we enable companies in the B2B environment to use individualized market, segment and customer analyses while integrating all relevant data-driven processes.

These analyses go far beyond the usual inconclusive market information and incorporate the individual needs of our clients. We offer detailed inside-out analyses to optimize market transparency.

Each implementation of the Modelyzr is precisely tailored to the respective customer, allowing Modelyzr users to forge and apply their own individual market model. In this way, our customers gain thorough insights into their market and the respective potentials.

Synchronize your Business

With our holistic approach we launch a paradigmatic shift. Our customers switch from retrospective to potential-oriented planning, increasing accretion.

The Modelyzr improves and facilitates synchronizations between:

  • Sales
  • Channel Management
  • Marketing
  • Demand Management

…and thereby creates a permanent link between all units in charge. Thus, all business divisions can expertly perform to jointly strive for success.

The question of “standardized vs. individualizes processes” keeps troubling decision makers. We opted for a standard procedure that is highly customizable. This creates the opportunity to use Modelyzr best practice-blueprints while at the same time preserving individual competitive advantages.

Why does it matter? Our projects are no never-ending story. Instead we provide all the support needed for our customers to independently work with our tool. Discover, perform, excel.

Energize your Sales Funnel

Support all acting Parties

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  • A market model that displays YOUR market at any given time
  • A structured Demand Management
  • A framework that ensures all forces act in concert
  • A model that facilitates decisions on your future market presence