Data-driven sales: Reaching the right decision in the shortest possible time

With the Modelyzr, you develop the optimal go-to-market strategy quickly and precisely: Thanks to the linking of all market data on one platform, you fill the sales pipeline with the most valuable leads in real time. At the same time, you plan and control your resources with maximum efficiency and increase the success rate in the existing customer segment.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple determination of market potential for optimized resource planning
  • Overview of target markets and their sales potential
  • Reliable achievement of sales targets
  • Efficiency thanks to targeted measures
  • Products in use, cross- and up-selling potential, future demand – existing customers in view at all times
  • Sales pipeline always well filled with Net New Names

Mastering sales challenges with the Modelyzr

Achieve sales targets – reliably and predictably 

Develop existing customers, acquire new customers, increase sales – achieve your goals thanks to holistic data-driven analyses. Identify the greatest potential in real time and open up blind spots on your sales map. This makes growth plannable. 


Maintaining an overview – even in large sales territories

Which existing customers have what potential for cross-selling and up-selling? Which net new names have a need for a particular product? The larger a sales territory, the more difficult it is to keep track of all relevant companies. Thanks to multidimensional data analytics, you get the holistic picture and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your sales strategy. 

Data-based resource planning

Optimize your resource planning with robust what-if analysis at the touch of a button. Keep your sales pipeline full and convert leads into deals with Next Best Offers. Convince with data-based sales forecasts that stand up to reality and position sales according to future sales potentials.

Pick low-hanging fruits, generate short-term revenue

Small effort, big effect – finding and harvesting low-hanging fruits is part of every sales employee’s duty. However, this task can only be performed insufficiently on the basis of experience and intuition alone. With the Modelyzr data analytics engine, you can evaluate and prioritize leads even before they are contacted, significantly increasing the chances of success.

Modelyzr: data-driven potential analyses at the push of a button

Who is your next target customer and how likely are they to buy which product? Data-driven sales planning can provide answers to these questions, paving the way for an optimal go-to-market strategy – accurately and efficiently.

The problem: Internal and external data sources are abundant, but linking and using them often fails due to silo structures, which leads to hardly reliable analysis results. With the Modelyzr, companies can make sales potential visible at the push of a button.

The data analytics engine brings together internal and external market data on a single platform, enabling optimization of the go-to-market strategy and adjacent sales processes. What-if analyses also provide precise sales forecasts.

Low-hanging fruits among existing customers can also be identified in real time. The result: Thanks to the Modelyzr, your sales pipeline is always full to the brim and resources are used with maximum efficiency.