Data Driven Marketing without wastage: See through target markets like never before

Who is my next target customer and what is the Next Best Action? With the Modelyzr data analytics engine, you are taking your lead generation to the next level. Thanks to precise target group selection at real-time speed, you can achieve an unprecedented level of quality in addressing new customers.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Identify potential customers in the target market and filter out the most valuable ones.
  • Generate new sales leads at an optimal cost-benefit ratio.
  • Recognize patterns in target group selection, beyond classic selection routines.
  • Accelerate the planning of targeted campaigns based on robust data.
  • Reduce the cost-per-lead ratio and use your budgets as effectively as possible.
  • Understand the market better than your competitors and achieve your marketing goals.

Mastering Challenges in Data Driven Marketing with the Modelyzr

Big Data Integration: Out of the Silo Structures

Many companies face the challenge of consolidating distributed data and creating a Single Source of Truth. After all, if data is isolated in silos, it cannot develop its value. When data is linked and contextualized, it becomes relevant knowledge and enables immediate value multiplication.

Strategic planning and operational implementation become one

For many companies, strategic data analysis and operational translation into marketing measures are separate work processes that often even take place on different data bases. However, it is only the direct interlinking of strategy and operations on a uniform data base that creates significant performance gains.

Paradigm shift: breaking new ground, discovering new markets

Many companies only look to the past when planning and implementing marketing measures. Increasingly, marketers know what has made them successful in existing customer business, but they fail to transfer recipes for success to new markets. Do better!

Marketing in real time is needed, but how does it work?

Masses of new data are created every day. Accordingly, analyses based on this data quickly become outdated. Only those who are able to perform Big Data analyses at top speed can build on the maximum resilience of their analysis results. The technologies for this are ready!

Modelyzr: Your boost for lead generation

How do you reach your next target customer and with which service from your portfolio are you most likely to convince him? If you can answer these questions accurately, marketing with optimal cost-benefit effects becomes possible!

With the help of the Modelyzr, you can identify patterns in target group selection at the touch of a button – beyond classic selection routines such as industry affiliation or company size. Our data analytics engine helps you find all the truly relevant customers in your target market and filter out the most valuable ones.

Based on all available data from internal sources (e.g. CRM or ERP) as well as external sources, such as market research or social listening tools, the Modelyzr supports you with modern machine learning methods in determining the optimal marketing strategy, which you can translate directly in the Modelyzr into operational measures.

Through accelerated and fine-grained planning of targeted campaigns, you gain significantly more valuable leads and achieve the best possible results from your marketing operations.