Shaping the future today: Business Development beyond CRM

Which new sales markets does my company need to develop in order to still have strategic advantages over the competition in five years’ time? With the Modelyzr data analytics engine, you can achieve market transparency at the touch of a button and identify potential target markets and new sales opportunities in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Thanks to real-time analyses, you always have a reliable information base to anticipate any trends that may affect your products and services.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Precise positioning of the company and its products on the market
  • Market transparency at the push of a button: Identify new sales markets and sales opportunities in a time- and cost-efficient manner
  • Single Source of Truth thanks to connection of all systems/data sources
  • Reliable statements on new products, services and business models even before they have been developed
  • Robust analyses due to high data quality
  • Understand the market better than your competitors and achieve strategic advantages

Business Development: The Modelyzr masters your challenges

Single Source of Truth – turning data into wisdom

There is a wealth of knowledge hidden in your data, but silo formation prevents it from developing its full impact. Eliminate data silos and bring all available data together on one platform to identify business-relevant developments and new sales potential early on.

Data Quality: resilient data for better decisions

Analytical results are only as good as the data on which they are based. However, many companies struggle with outdated, redundant or faulty data. Continuously implemented data quality governance, consisting of measuring data quality, evaluating it according to various criteria, prioritizing the data sets to be optimized and monitoring the quality achieved, solves this problem. With the Modelyzr, the necessary technology is available.

Identifying future potential in new markets

Why does a product sell in a particular market and how can a successful strategy be transferred to new sales markets? Those who know the future needs of potential new customers are in a position to set up their product portfolio accordingly. Future-oriented analyses enable well-founded decisions to be made in order to navigate in the right direction.

Combining strategy and operations

In many companies, strategic data analysis and operational implementation in sales and marketing are two independent processes that are usually not based on a uniform database. Yet it is precisely this direct dovetailing of strategy and operations that enables long-term corporate success through targeted campaigns.

Modelyzr: Linking of all data sources

As Head of Business Development, you are faced with the challenge of having to identify new sales markets and sales opportunities. But there is a crucial obstacle to overcome here: If different data sources such as CRM, ERP or external market data are only analyzed individually as data silos, no holistic picture can emerge.

Market analyses with conventional tools are therefore rarely reliable. Development processes are inefficient or misguided. The Modelyzr data analytics engine, on the other hand, offers complete market transparency: By combining all available data on one platform, you create a single source of truth and identify market trends and potential at an early stage at the touch of a button.

On the one hand, you can identify new sales markets and, on the other hand, transfer existing success patterns: Where are we particularly successful and why, and how can we reproduce this success in new markets? The Modelyzr provides answers that you can use to steer your business into a successful future.